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a Virtual Presentation

To educators on the high school and university level, if you are interested in exploring the themes and issues discussed on this website, Nick is available to appear as a guest speaker at one of your classes. Of particular interest would be courses in the fields of STEM (chemistry, environmental, IT, engineering, math), economic/business, civics/government/law, and career planning or guidance counseling. Lectures would be virtual, booked on a first-come-first-serve basis, and subject to Nick’s discretion and schedule availability. There is no fee; Nick will recommend a charity if the requestor would like to consider a donation in lieu of a fee. To request Nick to speak at an upcoming class, click here.

Nick DeIuliis regularly addresses groups on business trends, leadership, the role of government, energy sector trends, and more. Please contact Nick if you’re interested in him speaking at an upcoming event.