Connections: Bernie to the Academia Monster to Freedom of Viewpoint

Episode 18 of The Far Middle and the first day of fall 2021 arrive today. In this week’s episode, Nick connects the dots of Bernie Sanders, academia’s unethical business model and the need for a new freedom of viewpoint civil liberty. “Our Leftist higher education system has built a very, very profitable model,” explains Nick. “And it did so amazingly by doing a couple of things, which really makes it even more impressive. First it did all this while it was parading as a not-for-profit. And that’s a not-for-profit in name only because academia has become a massive money—I’ll call it raking, not money-making, it doesn’t really make money, it rakes in money—a money-raking monster.” Nick goes on to address the debt being accumulated by today’s college graduates, and by extension taxpayers, as well as the scheming between government and academia, and more.

Podcast #17 — Connections: Afghanistan to Swanky Doors to Culture Wars to American Pride

In episode 17 of The Far Middle, Nick discusses America’s exit from Afghanistan, American credibility, and lack of leadership from President Biden and his administration. “You took a situation, regarding exiting Afghanistan, from a ready-aim-fire, as you normally would execute a plan, into one of ready-fire-aim,” says Nick, and he lays out the costs of that jumbled execution. Nick goes on to “connect the dots” to his underlying concerns with the unique auction of the Chelsea Hotel’s doors, the cultural wars in the U.S. being won by the elites, and closes with academia’s influence on America’s young adults and the age group’s level of American pride.

Podcast #16 – Ode to James Burke’s Connections

In The Far Middle episode 16, Nick begins by reflecting on the BBC’s television series “Connections,” hosted by James Burke. Nick goes on to discuss the culture, importance and dignity of work; the role of work in America’s national fabric; and, he contemplates whether the American work ethic is still alive and well. “It is incredibly difficult today to get people to show up for work…there is a situation today, sort of an epidemic…where a lot of individuals simply just refuse to go to work. And that from my perspective is hugely troubling,” explains Nick. He goes on to discuss the demoralization of the work ethic following the pandemic, science as a philosophy versus science as an institution, and more.

Podcast #15 – Connecting Dots: NFL Preseason Stinks, MLB Ruining Team Legacies and Energy Policy

Episode 15 of The Far Middle marks the next phase of the podcast series as Nick moves on from episodes tied to his book, The Leech. However, this and future episodes will continue to expand upon ideas and concepts discussed in The Leech as Nick addresses a range of topics and current events. In this installment, Nick tackles his issues with preseason football, discusses the state of Major League Baseball and how a competitive market can be wired and skewed a certain away—concluding with a comparison to energy policy today.