Connections: Bernie to the Academia Monster to Freedom of Viewpoint

Episode 18 of The Far Middle and the first day of fall 2021 arrive today. In this week’s episode, Nick connects the dots of Bernie Sanders, academia’s unethical business model and the need for a new freedom of viewpoint civil liberty. “Our Leftist higher education system has built a very, very profitable model,” explains Nick. “And it did so amazingly by doing a couple of things, which really makes it even more impressive. First it did all this while it was parading as a not-for-profit. And that’s a not-for-profit in name only because academia has become a massive money—I’ll call it raking, not money-making, it doesn’t really make money, it rakes in money—a money-raking monster.” Nick goes on to address the debt being accumulated by today’s college graduates, and by extension taxpayers, as well as the scheming between government and academia, and more.