Connections: Entitled Grads to Bezos Hypocrisy to China’s Fleecing of the U.S. and Czar Kerry

In episode 19 of The Far Middle, Nick begins by discussing today’s college graduates, who leave school implanted with leftist ideology and a dysfunctional demeanor. These soft, entitled young people are allowing big corporations to hide behind social justice issues and the veneer of their wokeness.

Meanwhile, CEOs jet set to Davos to lecture on the climate change crisis, yet the hypocrisy of Jeff Bezos truly can’t be matched. Further, the big three investment firms are trying to assign a climate change score to only American and European companies while they seek to expand and invest in China. “I’m betting that these very large financial institutions that are looking to grow into the Chinese market, I’m betting they’re going to drop that exercise of things like temperature alignment metrics for their Chinese holdings,” says Nick. He closes by discussing the United States and China setting climate policy. All this can best be summarized by the Kinks, “It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world,” concludes Nick.