Core Beliefs


  • The major dividing line in modern society is those producing value and those looking to appropriate the value of others; the former makes society function and the latter presents an increasing threat to it.
  • Political quietism, or laying low and looking the other way, is an ethical and moral failure of leaders when faced with falsehoods; when the stakes are highest, the need to speak up is greatest.
  • An elite is someone or something with the arrogance to dictate what choices others will have in their life pursuits; elites are the enemy of the disadvantaged, the middle class, the individual, and free enterprise.
  • Society had it right decades ago when we used to inspire and motivate kids to be engineers, builders, and inventors; today we get it wrong by encouraging kids to become football players, singers, or internet sensations.
  • Entertainers and professional athletes provide a service to society and should be free to charge what the market supports; yet their influence is often artificially inflated beyond their true impact.
  • The best way to help the poor is to avoid being poor; in other words, allowing the private sector to create jobs is the best way to avoid, escape, and eradicate poverty.
  • Smart people are consistently capable of voting for politicians and supporting issues that are against their self-interest; not paying attention or going along with the popular in a democracy may have serious consequences.
  • Heroes, like the rest of us, had flaws; yet there is no denying the greatness and nobility of Columbus, Shakespeare, Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Lincoln, Carnegie, Churchill, and King Jr.
  • Science and math are undefeated head-to-head against political science and dogma; history shows us this and the long-term will prove this true yet again.


  • Nothing has done more for mankind than the carbon atom; carbon should be celebrated, not vilified.
  • Carbon is the foundation of quality of life in modern society; to be anti-carbon is to be anti-human.
  • As carbon utilization in a country or economy increases, life expectancy increases, infant mortality decreases, and individual rights flourish; denying or reducing carbon utilization to a nation or economy has disastrous consequences.
  • There is no such things as a zero-carbon form of energy, business, industry, state, nation, or economy; to promote such a falsehood ignores science and is a sham.
  • Disruptive technology and American innovation delivered the natural gas shale revolution, which has unleashed the methane molecule at prolific quantities and low cost; this epic success has redrawn the geopolitical map and rendered so-called renewable energy uneconomic and uncompetitive without continuous taxpayer subsidy and market protection.
  • So-called renewable energy, particularly wind and solar, are incredibly carbon-intensive and socially harmful; so-called renewables are unable to provide reliable, affordable, and environmentally friendly energy at scale.
  • The free market allowing natural gas utilization to flourish provides an extension of U.S. geopolitical power; government mandates imposing so-called renewable energy into the economy creates a strategic Achilles’ heel for the U.S. and strengthens China.
  • The free market coupled with growing natural gas demand strengthens the middle class and creates family-sustaining private sector jobs without the need for a college degree; government mandated imposition of so-called renewable energy destroys the middle class and creates a generation dependent on government support.
  • A large, complex ecosystem has been created and depends upon sustaining the zero-carbon myth; trillions of dollars, much of it taxpayer dollars, in the name of zero-carbon are poured into corporate subsidy, academic “research”, environmental groups, and government bureaucracies.

The Federal Government

  • A minimal level of government to serve the people is best and was intended by the Framers; today we suffer under pervasive government that dictates to the individual.
  • Progress, value creation, and innovation today are achieved despite government, not because of it; government tends to slow, deter, and reduce value creation.
  • Deep State is an apt descriptor for today’s federal government, not because it is secret but because it is pervasive; pervasive government was designed by a hundred years of Wilson-FDR-LBJ-Obama machinations.
  • The Administrative Procedures Act (APA) during the Truman administration saw Congress hand over its law-making power to the executive branch; this amounted to dereliction of duty by the legislative branch of government.
  • The judiciary allowed the executive branch to enjoy no checks with the Chevron decision; this amounted to dereliction of duty by the judicial branch of government.
  • The nationwide injunction is a tactic used by rogue lower court judges to give dictatorial powers to the executive and judicial branches of government; lower court national injunctions should be struck down as unconstitutional.
  • LBJ’s Great Society experiment was an abject failure and stopped the free market from reducing poverty rate on its own; trillions of wasted taxpayers dollars through transfer payments and government programs did not reduce poverty rate and created a culture of systemic government dependence that robs individuals of their potential.
  • American producers pay too much in taxes to support a bloated Deep State, with the average American spending more on taxes than on food, healthcare, clothing, and services combined; Tax Freedom Day, the day of the calendar year where the nation as a whole has earned enough to pay its total annual tax bill, fell on April 19 in 2019.
  • Government forced a self-induced economic coma with the 2020 pandemic, brought free enterprise to a grinding halt, and then used its shutdown and subsequent economic hardship to justify a massive stimulus paid for by taxpayers; the single biggest beneficiary and recipient of the stimulus aid was government itself.
  • The U.S. federal regulatory state consists of 300,000 bureaucrats; that is larger than the active army of Mexico, Japan, Germany, or Israel.
  • State and local government workers number nineteen million; when combined with federal government bureaucrats, government workers outnumber private sector manufacturing sector workers by nearly 2-to-1.
  • Per capita federal spending has increased seven-fold from 1941 to 2017; yet nothing close to a seven-fold improvement in government services has been enjoyed by taxpayers.
  • Government bureaucrats are not altruistic, existing only to serve the common good; to the contrary, they are as driven by self-interest as the rest of us and will behave in ways to optimize their power and influence, often to the detriment of the private sector and free enterprise.
  • Today, there are not three branches of the federal government but four: legislative, judicial, executive, and bureaucratic; of the four, the two most powerful are executive and bureaucratic, with bureaucratic the most powerful since it does not answer to the people.
  • When one sees Congress pass a statute that includes vague words such as fair, reasonable, and equitable, it is a sure sign Congress has ceded its authority to the bureaucracy; this violates Article 1 Section 1 of the Constitution, which clearly states “All legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.”
  • The cost of regulatory compliance in the U.S. is nearly $2 trillion annually, more than the economy of Italy; this is a massive stealth tax on creators, enablers, and servers of value in the private sector.
  • Federal agencies such as EPA use the “sue-and-settle” tactic to collude with environmental groups to grow agency enforcement power; this comes at the direct expense of value creators and taxpayers.
  • Federal agencies such as the EPA and DOI employ hundreds of “science advisor panels” to help develop agency rules-making, regulation, and policy; such panels are stacked with academics and organizations that receive hundreds of millions of dollars in grants from these agencies, creating a massive conflict of interest that works against the interests of taxpayers and the free market.
  • Federal agencies tend to manipulate cost-benefit analyses of proposed regulations to show a net benefit; the analyses are rigged by applying extreme assumptions to produce the desired outcome to show a need for the proposed regulation.
  • Finance, health care, and energy are the foundations of the economy; the government bureaucracy knows this and thus seeks to heavily regulate these sectors so it better controls the rest of the economy.
  • A growing, fourth leg of the foundational economy is tech; thus, the government bureaucracy increasingly seeks to regulate electronic bytes just as it historically regulated physical molecules.

The Legal Profession

  • The legal profession has devolved from protector of the republic and enabler of free enterprise to one that extracts a tax for allowing commerce and activity to proceed; the legal profession figured out more regulation and laws for the rest of us mean more billable hours for attorneys.
  • Tort law, originally intended to redress wrongs done to a person and to provide relief from the wrongful acts of another, is abused today by the plaintiffs’ bar to appropriate value from others; beneficiaries are plaintiffs’ attorneys, defense attorneys, and court bureaucracy while losers are consumers and value creators.
  • Our legal system has evolved into a theater of activity where the ultimate outcome of the dispute does not matter; litigating is the sole objective, with attorneys on both sides and the courts benefiting from billable hours and larger budgets, respectively.

Good Teachers, Students, and Teachers’ Unions

  • Private sector unions historically protected blue collar workers’ rights and standards; public sector unions often present a conflict of interest to politicians and bureaucrats who look to curry their favor and votes at the expense of taxpayers and quality of service.
  • The job of “teacher” is a noble profession; the best performing teachers should be rewarded with the best compensation and career advancement opportunity, while poor performing teachers should be held accountable.
  • Teachers’ unions often lobby to avoid performance measurement and competition; yet students and parents/taxpayers deserve quality education and choice.
  • Teachers’ unions decry lack of investment and not enough spending as root causes of poor reading, math, and science proficiency; yet the highest spending districts per student are often the poorest performing when it comes to student proficiency.
  • Every dedicated 3rd, 8th, and 12th grader in a public school should enjoy the right to reading, math, and science proficiency; if proficiency is not being delivered, the noble profession of “teacher” should hold the public union and district administration accountable.


  • The media/press played perhaps the most critical role in helping America blossom into the envy of the world; today the media has devolved into one of the greatest threats facing America.
  • Journalists traditionally were trained to report the who, what, where, and when of objective fact; today many journalists gloat about how they push an agenda and sway minds with opinion costumed as fact.
  • The media was once held in high esteem by the American public; today Americans across political parties, genders, ethnic groups, and income levels astutely hold less confidence and trust in media than ever before.

Higher Education

  • The United States is a free enterprise, capitalistic society burdened with a leftist higher education system grossly subsidized by government; universities increasingly fail students, taxpayers, and the private sector economy.
  • A small minority of leftist professors can completely disrupt the modern university; politically correct university governance and the desire for consensus on the simplest of decisions play right into the hands of faculty looking to disrupt.
  • A small minority of hyper-sensitive students can completely disrupt the modern university; a university culture of victimhood and broadcasting perceived microaggressions play right into the hands of students looking to disrupt.
  • University administrators benefit from extreme faculty and hyper-sensitive students; academic bureaucrats manipulate and encourage such faculty and students to grow administrative bloat and budget, to the detriment of tuition paying students and taxpayers.
  • Universities should be the marketplace of ideas; unfortunately, today’s universities are insulated, oppressive police states that eradicate diversity of thought.
  • College tuition continues to outpace other services and inflation; much of the forever-rising cost of tuition is to pay for the bureaucratic bloat of university administrators.
  • Universities increasingly favor dropping standardized test scores and high school GPA in their admissions selection processes; removing quantifiable, measurable metrics from the admissions process results in deserving students being denied admission.
  • Free speech is suppressed across hundreds of universities by the use of bias response teams and restrictive speech codes; such juntas and censorship are unconstitutional, un-American, and should be disbanded immediately.
  • Students on today’s campuses are stripped of constitutional rights on a systematic and regular basis; due process protections and evidentiary standards that students enjoy beyond the campus walls as American citizens are surrendered once the student steps into the quad.
  • Government policy intentionally pumps massive amounts of taxpayer money into academia, creating an ever-expanding tuition bubble for students; as students are extorted with higher and higher tuition and loan debt, the rate of return on an investment into a college degree evaporates.
  • Universities lack transparency on default rates of graduates’ student loans; many institutions of higher learning game the reporting system using “default management consultants” to artificially lower default rates.

STEM Education

  • Leftist leaders in university humanities and social science departments view STEM disciplines and science as threats; STEM disciplines face campaigns to disable scientific inquiry and scientific dissent, all in the name of political correctness.
  • Market and job realities of the private sector dictate more investment in STEM disciplines and less investment in the humanities; yet academia insists on more investment to address the manufactured “humanities crisis”, to the detriment of STEM investment.
  • The religion of sustainability is used by higher education to bleed STEM programs of rigor and resources; as the ideology of sustainability is imposed by the humanities and social sciences onto the STEM disciplines, it waters down core STEM curriculum.
  • Leftist and politically correct ideologies are invading STEM courses and disciplines; chemistry, math, biology, engineering, and medical courses end up offering less technical material and more social engineering rhetoric.
  • Scientific fact and the pursuit of scientific knowledge were the historical, primary aims of the scientific method; today those aims have been demoted behind compliance with leftist ideology.