Knockin’ Out 100

The Far Middle has reached its 100th episode. A podcast that began as companion commentary paired with the release of Precipice—further exploring each chapter’s topics—has now spanned nearly two years.

In conjunction with the milestone episode’s late April release, Nick pays homage to legendary heavyweight boxer Rocky Marciano who retired from professional boxing on April 27, 1956. Marciano’s 49-0 record (43 of which were by knockout) easily puts “The Brockton Bomber’s” incredibly strong chin on Nick’s Mt. Rushmore of boxing.

Moving from the ring, episode 100 centers around the ever-expanding role of the administrative state and big government’s continued encroachment on individuals’ personal freedom—two themes synonymous with The Far Middle since the series’ inception.

Nick begins in New Zealand, discussing a new government initiative representing a new extreme in nanny state intervention. “When you see national governments in Western republican democracies subtly taking on role of relationship therapist for teenagers, you know things have gone too far,” says Nick.

Next, Nick presents the concept of a two-dimensional matrix, where on one axis are issues ranging from deeply personal to universal, and on the other axis are local government ranging to national and international governments. Nick references such a matrix in examining the issues of pandemic policy, the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009 (GFC), and climate change. Big issues fitting for a big episode.

Further, Nick looks at the media’s coverage of these issues, and how the media’s omission of a single word in their headlines turns the journalist from objective truth teller to propagandist for the Left or for government. What’s the word? Give a listen!

In closing, Nick goes back to another historic late April event: Elbe Day, which occurred on April 25, 1945, when Soviet and American troops met at Torgau, Germany. “1945 and Elbe Day are the last time Western republican democracies, led by America, and the communist or Leftists worked together on anything; only fascism created a common interest and mutual goal,” says Nick. Why the last time? It’s because America and the Left have DNAs that dictate one another are mortal enemies—a fitting close that speaks to Nick’s advocacy efforts on The Far Middle and beyond.