Forbes: ESG-Critical Shale CEO Feels An Ethical Duty To Speak Out

Forbes Senior Contributor David Blackmon profiled Nick DeIuliis’ unique leadership and advocacy, as well as CNX Resources’ history of being at the forefront of domestic energy production, in the January 26, 2022, column, “ESG-Critical Shale CEO Feels An Ethical Duty To Speak Out.”

Blackmon writes, “Two years ago, Nick Deluliis, CEO of CNX Resources, had no social media accounts – ‘I had no idea what to do with social media,’ he told me with a laugh during a recent interview. Today, he is all over Twitter and other social media platforms, advocating for his company and his industry. He has his own podcast. He has authored a book that is coming out soon. It is the complete opposite approach you see taken by most CEOs in the energy business.

“I asked him why he has chosen to become such a vocal advocate, given that it will inevitably make him a target to so many who oppose fossil fuels in any form. ‘I feel there’s an ethical duty, a leadership responsibility, there’s a social purpose of a business to accurately, rationally advocate for what you do on behalf of society and why what you do is not in the past, it’s not a bridge that’s going to go away; it’s the present and it’s the future. Particularly when mistruths are used to vilify what you do.’ he answered. ‘When you think about what’s behind that, the domestic energy industry doesn’t produce a widget of methane: What it does is provide quality of life. That’s what we do as an industry. It’s not that complicated.”

In the column Nick explains the good, the bad and ugly of the ESG arena; examines the role of energy and geopolitics; discusses domestic energy flows and energy resiliency, and much more.

“CNX Energy is an interesting company led by an even more interesting CEO. I wish Nick Deluliis well. Because he’s right, you know,” concludes Blackmon.

For more on Nick’s ESG thoughts, check out his essay on “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of ESG.”

Forbes: ESG-Critical Shale CEO Feels An Ethical Duty To Speak Out