Biden Embraces the Manufactured Climate Change Apocalypse

Joe Biden, or at least the hollowed-out shell of what was once Joe Biden, was propped up this past weekend by his leftist handlers to bumble through delivering a soundbite about the biggest threat facing humanity: climate change.

Biden’s mush-mouthed proclamation was reliably amplified by a collaborative mainstream media. The solution, of course, was government: trillions of dollars in more regulation, subsidy, and market intervention; all paid for by the doers, makers, and taxpayers of our economy.

Nonsense! Climate change is not even a top-ten concern as we close out 2020. Besides society having way bigger, tangible, and current problems to worry about, there is also the dawning realization that much of the climate change religion is anti-progress.

No one in the ‘climate science’ racket has been able to reliably predict earth’s future temperature using gimmicky models. Is that so shocking, considering modern science can’t predict the severity of this coming winter or pinpoint where a tropical storm will track two days out?

Climate has always been changing, well before humans unleashed the carbon atom to improve life. Human activity increasing trace amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere from 0.02% (200 parts-per-million) to 0.04% (400 parts per million) was the best decision in history. Carbon has always been, and will remain, the vehicle that unleashes the human condition and individual spirit; the world needs more of it, not less.

So, who gains from the left’s puppet dancing to the tune of looming climate change apocalypse? Follow the money. A manufactured crisis where government is the solution creates a massive trough to feed from:

  • Government bureaucrats will impose hundreds of new regulations, advertised to save the planet but designed to do nothing more than justify more bureaucrats.
  • Academia will drink billions in taxpayer-funded ‘research’ for a zero-carbon snake oil cure.
  • Corporations will seek not to create value, but instead to suck subsidy from taxpayers by building what artificial anti-market mandates demand.
  • Financial institutions will ensure they profit by being the providers for state-sponsored ‘markets’ such as carbon trading platforms, in exchange for a modest fee of course.
  • China will convert our stumble into a strategic win by mining, manufacturing and shipping materials for solar panels and wind turbines that are anything but ‘renewable’ or reliable.
  • The zero-carbon lie, a clear repudiation of science, will become the official religion of the U.S.

This is a win-lose proposition of value appropriation on a massive scale, so for every winner of the scheme there is an offsetting loser.

The losers are the global poor, our middle class, U.S. taxpayers, and the concepts of minimal government, individual rights, capitalism, and meritocracy. Ironically, add to the loser column the environment, as so-called ‘renewables’ are anything but and are net harmers of the environment.

Under Biden’s climate scheme, forget about personal decision making when it comes to the size of your home (get ready to downsize). If you don’t currently use public transportation, start researching bus routes as car ownership will be eradicated. And watch your retirement savings start falling as taxes drain your account—whatever is left will have to be allocated to enterprises that are pseudo-government entities. The poor in our cities and across the globe will remain so. People will give up hope for self-advancement and an entire generation will resign themselves to a future of government dependency.

In the short term, government dictates the winners and losers. Yet in the long term, everyone loses. That’s always been the story with socialism, heavy-handed government fixes, and reallocation of capital schemes parading as answers to inflated threats.

The mortal flaw with all of this is quite simple: the makers get bled and the takers bloat. Our economy rapidly hits an inflection point where there is no more value of the doers to appropriate to the leeches.

The system buckles under its own doing and everyone suffers the irreversible consequences. This is the ultimate example of how value is created in today’s economy, not because of government, but despite it. November 3 is our last chance to send a message to the puppet’s leftist masters.

Biden Embraces the Manufactured Climate Change Apocalypse