Business Times: CNX CEO suggests reworking of 10-year-old Impact Fee

Pittsburgh Business Times reporter Paul Gough covered Nick DeIuliis’ speech at the 2021 Developing Unconventional Gas (DUG) East Conference.

“CNX Resources Corp. CEO Nick DeIuliis, a voice for the development of Appalachian shale and industry in the Pittsburgh region, on Tuesday suggested a reworking of Pennsylvania’s impact fee that takes into account the changed nature of the region’s oil and gas industry and, when coupled with support for the industry’s growth, could be beneficial to everyone involved,” writes Gough.

He goes on to discuss Nick’s assertion that it’s time Pennsylvania revisits its impact fee, “it’s time for a refresh,” said Nick during his DUG East keynote address.

“DeIuliis made it clear he isn’t looking for the elimination of the impact fee. Nor does he think that a change should solely benefit natural gas producers,” writes Gough. “He believes that politicians, policymakers and others can work with the industry to build something that will benefit everyone.”

Gough quotes Nick’s comments, that, “If you allow the demand for natural gas to grow under the free market, under its own backs and the science behind it, and you update the impact (fee), severance fee, whatever you want to call it, to reflect the industry in 2022 and beyond, I think there’s a way where revenue grows.”

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Business Times: CNX CEO suggests reworking of 10-year-old Impact Fee

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