Nick Joins the Energy Crüe Podcast

In this episode of the Energy Crüe Podcast, below, Nick chats with host JP Warren about the history of CNX Resources, the company’s culture, energy policy and examples of the “energy boomerang” concept, his book Precipice, the CNX Mentorship Academy, and a little rock and roll as well.

From the show’s description:

“Just wrapped up an informative and engaging conversation with Nick Deiuliis (CEO – CNX) for another Energy Crüe Podcast episode. We began discussing the 160+ year history of CNX and where they are at today. With a company that began during the Abraham Lincoln administration we dived into the company culture, and how he has the benefit of being part of the interview process of every single candidate they hire. We then discussed everything from being an energy industry advocate and promoting STEM discussions when engaging in energy discussions, as well as what the energy crisis our world is about to face should policymakers double down on their decisions. We wrapped it up by discussing the impactful community mentorship program that just kicked off its second year (founded by CNX). The goal is to provide local youths with skillsets and knowledge for those who don’t plan on the traditional college trajectory. Really impactful stuff and love hearing about it.”

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Nick Joins the Energy Crüe Podcast

Energy Crüe Podcast