Nick Joins the Energy Strong Podcast

In this episode of the Energy Strong Podcast, below, Nick chats with hosts DRW and Mike Umbro about the history of Pittsburgh as a sports town, the history of CNX Resources, the meaning of “sustainable,” the role of natural gas decarbonizing America’s economy, and much more.

From the show’s description:

“Join Nick’s conversation with DRW and Mike Umbro as they open with the shared challenges of running a major league baseball organization and operating a successful energy company; both require mindfulness in corporate planning, market-specific growth strategies, and a focused effort to protect the culture/brand of the organization.

“Nick describes the evolution of CNX’s business model and the company’s positive impact on local communities in the Appalachian region. CNX is focused on sustainability as an organization, which requires 1) hiring and retaining talent from the local community, 2) offering sustainable wages and compensation that grows the middle class, and 3) producing energy while improving the environment. CNX, and other domestic natural gas producers, are making tremendous strides to decarbonize our energy systems. Did you know that if Pennsylvania was a stand-alone nation, it would be the ONLY developed nation to have met the Paris Accords on its own? WOW!

“Don’t miss out on this fact-packed discussion that highlights the importance of sustainability, free cash flow, innovation, environmental stewardship, and energy security.

“Domestic energy production, specifically natural gas, has a tremendous opportunity to revolutionize transportation, aviation, manufacturing, and other industries through technological solutions brought forth by companies like CNX. These solutions will continue to reduce carbon intensity and associated emissions but we need transparent, science-based reporting on an apples-to-apples basis to ensure the most efficient solutions are adopted.

“DRW reads Senator Elizabeth Warren’s ridiculous letter chastising domestic energy companies with energy-illiterate claims like, ‘local producers are maximizing their profits by exporting natural gas to Europe.’ Nick believes our policymakers are confusing market symptoms for root causes, with the extreme-left politicians deliberately hiding root causes of energy scarcity (and limitations of wind and solar at scale) from the general public.

“We discuss scopes 1-3 emissions, geopolitical events, the challenges of scaling energy systems to meet demand growth from the developing world, the growing importance of science-based analysis, and the need for government policies to “get out of the way” as the free market figures out how to meet the energy needs of tomorrow.”

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Nick Joins the Energy Strong Podcast

Energy Strong Podcast