Rules For Thee But Not For Me

Episode 50 of The Far Middle is dedicated to the elite NHL players who’ve scored 50 goals in the first 50 games of a season, and in particular the Islanders’ Mike Bossy. Nick recounts the dramatic final five minutes of the 50th game of the 1980-81 season where Bossy netted his 49th and 50th goals.

Next in this episode’s line-up, Nick provides an overview of the oil industry, from the different types of crude grades to how production and refining work in tandem. “The next time you hear someone spouting off on oil-import-this or oil-export-that or corporate greed babble or oil industry blabber—be skeptical, head back to the reality, to the science,” says Nick. Nick goes on to discuss government corruption; academia circumventing the laws the private sector and individuals must abide by; education funding, student academic proficiency, and teachers unions; a new federal government research initiative to identify the “pain points” to make agencies more user friendly; and, Treasury Secretary Yellen’s theatrics. Nick concludes with a review of the documentary, “Can’t Stand Losing You: Surviving The Police.”