Runnin’ and Disruptin’

The Far Middle episode 90 is dedicated to the 1989-90 UNLV Runnin’ Rebels basketball team and Coach Jerry Tarkanian, aka “Tark the Shark.” Nick describes the 1990 NCAA Tournament Champs as disruptive and innovative thanks to a combination of super-talented players, coaching, and buttressed by the Amoeba defense.

Nick continues the themes of disruption and innovation throughout episode 90, beginning with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s late 2022 comments on the Uyghur Policy Act. Nick says her speech was quite good, but her words don’t mesh with Congress’ energy and environmental policy actions over the past several years. Those actions have worsened the planet’s environmental health, strengthened the oppressor’s hand, weakened Western democracies, and are crushing the freedom of the individual. The words from former Speaker Pelosi were great, but unfortunately, her and Congress’ policy actions speak much louder.

Nick then rewinds the clock to a May 1941 radio address by President Franklin D. Roosevelt, drawing similarities to FDR’s comments on Germany to the threat we face today from China. “It’s like a voice from the past is warning us about the dangers of the present,” says Nick. He notes he’s not FDR’s biggest fan, as you can read about in Precipice, but commends the former president’s ability to inspire.

Next, Nick addresses the confluence of influences and forces that have come together to indoctrinate our next generation into believing climate change is the country and the world’s most pressing problem. The information campaigns that have led to these beliefs are the same that has led to two major mid-Atlantic natural gas pipelines being delayed/canceled by their developers—projects that would have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 400 million tons.

While the U.S. strangles natural gas infrastructure investment, China welcomes it with open arms—to the tune of $2 trillion. And those trillions in state investment are attracting private investment from banks, investors, and private equity. Nick moves from China to the Eurozone, continuing to discuss dollars and illogical sense, as Eurozone government spending is now more than half of the region’s economic output.

Nick concludes by noting that February 11, a few days after this episode’s release, marks the day Nelson Mandela was released in 1990 from prison after serving 27 brutal years of incarceration. Nick closes with three inspirational quotes from Mandela. And in Far Middle connection-serendipity, February 11 (2015) also marks the anniversary of Jerry Tarkanian’s passing.