Russia/Ukraine Part One

Episode 43 of The Far Middle is a must-listen emergency, special edition focused on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Nick examines the root cause of Vladimir Putin and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Russia/Putin is a symptom of the West’s destructive energy policies. Extreme climate change policies and environmentalism gift Putin leverage and the opportunity for aggression, explains Nick. He walks through the responses of the U.S., Germany, Poland, Germany, India, and other countries. Nick cautions that things will likely worsen until we reverse course on disastrous climate change policies and we take back our energy independence from radical environmentalism.

This installment also includes a dedication to two of the NFL’s great safeties to don #43, Troy Polamalu and Cliff Harris. Both were two-time Super Bowl champions, and Nick notes the difference in the cost of Super Bowl advertisements between Super Bowl X (played in by Harris and the Cowboys against the Steelers) and last month’s Super Bowl LVI. This episode’s focus on Russia/Ukraine will continue in episode 44.