A Rational Thinker’s Guide to Climate Change and Related Policies – Video Series

Part One: Diagnosing the Problem and Issue

In Part One of the “A Rational Thinker’s Guide to Climate Change and Related Policies” trilogy, Nick argues that the most pressing issue of our time is the inept policies being pushed upon society by the climate alarmist movement. When it comes to climate, energy, and environmental policy, we need to get back to rational thought as to what we know and what math and science are telling us. Nick examines Earth’s historical sea level and temperature changes, puts carbon dioxide emissions in perspective, discusses the carbon footprint of renewable energy sources (as well as their energy density and ecological impact), and more.

Part Two: Consequences of the Experts’ Cures

The “Rational Thinker’s Guide” trilogy continues in part two as the conversation turns to “what the elites and the expert classes are forcing upon society and economies when it comes to the cures or the medicines to help us deal or cope with climate change,” explains Nick.

Topics in part two include:

  • The supply chain and manufacturing of wind turbines, solar panels, and electric vehicles.
  • Higher energy costs fueling inflation.
  • The geopolitical ramifications of present climate policies.
  • The developing world’s need for reliable and affordable energy.

Part Three:Forces Driving Present Climate Policies

The “Rational Thinker’s Guide” trilogy concludes in part three as Nick discusses what’s driving present climate policies: “When you think them through, from a chemistry or a physics or a math or an economics perspective, they make absolutely no sense,” says Nick.

Nick examines two sets of stakeholders benefitting from today’s climate policies, one being external and the other internal.

Topics in part three include:

  • OPEC and Russia benefiting from the U.S. and the West’s energy policy.
  • Venezuela’s aggression toward Guyana.
  • China’s stranglehold on every imaginable supply chain component of wind, solar, EVs, and batteries.
  • By controlling the availability and cost of energy, individuals lose individual freedom and their own decision-making ability.


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Nick Discusses Global and U.S. Energy Demand with CNBC

Nick joined CNBC on Friday, Oct. 29, to discuss global energy demand and resulting price increases. “It’s supply and demand with a new twist,” says Nick. He points to deferred and deterred investment in pipeline infrastructure as a major factor in gas supply not being able to meet demand.

Deiuliis Addresses 2021 PIOGA Spring Meeting

On Wednesday, May 19, Nick Deiuliis served as the Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association’s (PIOGA) keynote speaker for its annual spring meeting.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette covered the meeting and Nick’s remarks, writing, “They [attendees] knew what to expect when CNX Resources’ CEO Nick DeIuliis took the podium for his keynote address. He would be the one to speak for them, unapologetically…A self-styled advocate for capitalism, the middle class and for developing nations — which he says will be hurt most by a move away from fossil fuels — Mr. DeIuliis predictably went after the ‘elites’ and ‘academia’ in his speech and said the pursuit of renewable energy gives power to the Chinese Communist Party…”