The Great Reset Threat

The Far Middle episode 112 celebrates the Tony Zale and Rocky Graziano boxing trilogy, which spanned a 21-month period between 1946 and 1948. The middleweights’ second match—Zale vs. Graziano II—occurred this week back in 1947.

After reflecting on the Zale-Graziano bouts, which exemplified boxing done right, Nick transitions to journalism done wrong. Nick walks through a recent morning news show’s “Protecting Our Planet” segment to illustrate how media sells a problem, its causes, and its cure. In this case, the problem of course was climate change. And the cure? More government.

Staying on the so-called climate crisis, Nick offers “a little bit of history and science, which always spices up a Far Middle episode.” Nick highlights historic Earth temperature changes, going back to the Roman Warm Period, Medieval Warm Period, and the more recent Little Ice Age.

“Tackling climate change is a scheme that’s utilized in many ways by the Left as a convenient opportunity, or perhaps even a pathway, to grow the state and impose control over the individual,” says Nick. “When one thinks about what type of state control the Left prefers over society, the bigger the form of government, the better.”

Nick proceeds to delve into the idea of the Great Reset, a concept originated by World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab (aka “The Godfather of Davos”) who co-authored the book, “COVID-19: The Great Reset.”

“Schwab and the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset, they all advocate for the West to forcibly change from free market and individualistic and capitalistic, to something more along the lines of China’s form of communism,” says Nick. “Ask yourself if today’s federal government and the current bureaucratic state feel more like American capitalism or if they feel more like socialism.”

Pivoting to a state that’s all about the Great Reset, Nick highlights California’s famous and thriving Joshua Tree. The state is seeking to thwart private development as the climate change boogeyman could threaten the tree by the end of the century. Nick explains how this is the Great Reset in action: government looking for any issue as an opportunity to tighten its grip little by little, tree by tree, and house by house.

And as a U2 fan, Nick ties in an interesting connection to the band’s The Joshua Tree album, which was being recorded back in the summer of 1986. Nick examines the album’s theme, its commercial success, and present-day irony.

As episode 112 concludes, Nick predicts the Great Reset will fail in the end, but the question is how far it goes before failing, and how much damage and pain it will ultimately inflict. In closing, Nick makes one final connection to the Whiskey Rebellion in western Pennsylvania that came to a climax this month back in 1794, drawing several comparisons to today.