The Leech

The Leech: An Indictment of the Evil Sapping America, Depleting Free Enterprise, and Bleeding Producers

Online Release – May 27, 2021
Hardcover – January 2022

The Leech: An Indictment of the Evil Sapping America, Depleting Free Enterprise, and Bleeding Producers is a rallying cry in defense of the “doers” to inspire awareness. Western society was built by the Creator, optimized by the Enabler, and refined by the Server. These three professional classes are the best society has to offer, and without them quality of life instantly degrades. America was designed to allow these classes to freely toil, achieve, and grow. Government was minimized and existed to serve the people. The American system of meritocracy created, grew, and sustained the middle class. Today the situation has changed for the worst, with America teetering upon a tipping point. The Leech, a class that exists solely to appropriate and consume the fruits of others’ labor, has grown across every segment of the economy and society. As the Leech grows, the Creator, Enabler, and Server suffer. Successful culmination of the Leech campaign results in the destruction of the middle class, control resting with the ‘haves’ of the entrenched Leech elite, and the rest of society becoming indentured ‘have-nots’ who are perpetually dependent on an unsustainable system.

Describing the Leech

What exactly is the Leech? The answer requires assessing from a couple of perspectives.

It is tempting to define the Leech as a tribe, like political parties or ideologies evident in modern society. But defining it as a tribe falls short of capturing the essence of a Leech. It’s not that simple, especially when considering the Leech focuses on philosophy, ideology, and policy only when such subjects serve as means to its end (the end being growth through the appropriation of the value of others).

Let’s define it by listing the things it is not, then by one thing it typically is, and finally, one thing that it always is. A Leech does not create something tangible. A Leech does not support building something of value. A Leech does not make life better or more enjoyable. A Leech will usually look to create unneeded rules, processes, and systems that require its existence and protect its activity or markets. And a Leech always consumes an ever-growing part of the value created by someone else.

The Leech’s feeding process across society and economies mimics how a leech nourishes itself in nature. Instead of the organism attaching itself to a host in a tropical river to feed, the Leech in society manufactures complex and intertwined bureaucracies, laws, and norms so that it can attach to hosts that engage in value-creating commerce. Unfortunately, the whole is much greater than the sum of its parts.

The Leech is not subhuman like a leech you find in nature. Far from it. The reality is that it is supra-human. That is, the Leech and its cohorts grow under coordinated action and in bureaucratic ecosystems where conditions allow it to flourish at the expense of individual rights and the achiever.

Today, the Leech sits atop us as a colossus with a dominating position of control. Humans look down at the leech in nature but individuals fearfully look up at the Leech in society, with all of us falling under its collective domineering shadow.

You should lament the Leech’s ecosystem, but you are well advised to respect it. Underestimating or ignoring it welcomes peril. Too many producers in society today do so, which is a leading contributor to the epic rise of the Leech.

Certain professions, geographies, and institutions have fallen prey to the Leech and are now largely controlled by it.

  • Government has gone from less-is-better and “of the people, by the people, for the people” into an administrative bureaucratic beast where the citizenry answers to it and exists to feed it.
  • Universities that once were the marketplace of ideas and offered a rate of return on tuition dollars by teaching skills demanded in the competitive economy, are now indoctrination centers of thought control that continually increase egregious levels of tuition with little care if graduates exit prepared for the real world.
  • Once noble professions like the law have been commandeered to where today increasingly the system is the only winner, regardless of justice or right and wrong.
  • Our urban centers, which have been subjected to Leech control the longest, today face insurmountable existential threats that threaten their futures and crush quality of life for residents.

Recognize most who toil in the Leech ecosystem are good-hearted, likable people. Many are unwitting cogs of a much bigger machine; a machine designed to relentlessly grow in a zero-sum, win-lose closed system. It’s our duty to engage them in public debate and discourse so that right champions over wrong.