The Left’s Grinding Long-Term Game

The Far Middle episode 99 honors “the Great One,” Wayne Gretzky, who “re-established the standard for greatness in the NHL,” describes Nick. And in conjunction with the dedication, Nick offers some thoughts on the bias of the Ontario/Toronto-based hockey media.

In making this episode’s first connection, Nick links Wayne Gretzky to two asset classes that have undergone bubble-type inflated valuations: sports trading cards and the value of currency itself. Nick warns that if current trends continue (skyrocketing government spending, ballooning debt, stifling free enterprise with regulations, continuing to print money, and setting interest rates at negative real rates relative to inflation) we can expect a devaluation of the American dollar, which isn’t going to bode well for the U.S. economy.

Next, Nick addresses free speech and those describing themselves as liberal, however, these individuals would be better characterized as the thought police.

He then reflects on the Twitter Files, where big tech censored speech and users with subjective political and ideological filters, while the mainstream media pretended to not know what was going on. And worst of all, before the Twitter Files news ever broke, the FBI was exercising “constant and pervasive” contact with Twitter. Nick goes on to explain how the FBI/Twitter relationship is an example of “the iron fist covered by the velvet glove” theory.

Moving into the episode’s next connection, Nick once again defines Liberal versus Leftist ideology—and how it’s wrong to interchange the two ideologies. He then summarizes the Left’s grinding long-term game: “The Left develops its ideology, the Left and that ideology infiltrate government and its bureaucracy, and the Left and its ideology and government then come together to infiltrate public institutions such as colleges and universities and nonprofits, and then all those stakeholders come together to begin to influence and ultimately control the private sector, free enterprise, and last but not least, the individual.”

Where was this “game” conceived? Look no further than Antonio Gramsci. Who was Gramsci? Listen and learn why he’s a man impacting every American today, and how his ideological views have come to the brink of conquering Western society.

In closing, Nick pivots to a few optimistic words from Ayn Rand, followed by reflecting on the unbelievable history of Williamsburg, Virginia.