The Strikeout

Episode 48 of The Far Middle is uniquely dedicated to “the strikeout.” Listen as Nick connects the number 48 to Major League Baseball strikeouts.

Nick highlights Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan, aka the Strikeout King, as he discusses the risk/reward of pitching for strikeouts. While on the topic of risk/reward, Nick examines ESG investing. “Doing right—sometimes—that correlates to amping up risk. Change is risky,” says Nick. Next, Nick looks at what airpower means on the modern-day battlefield and air superiority’s evolution. And while Russia invades Ukraine, the United Nations is focused on a “climate catastrophe.” Next, Nick analyzes Europe’s energy mix; escalating violence in America’s major cities and society’s need for public safety; and, another basic societal need, a reliable electric grid. Nick concludes by marking the 116th anniversary of the Great 1906 San Francisco earthquake and noting its silver lining.