The Far Middle episode 113 is dedicated to legendary pitcher Cy Young who collected his 500th win on the episode’s July 19 release date back in 1910. Nick reflects on Cy Young’s stellar career and 511 wins, which Nick calls the most unbreakable record in all professional sports.

Nick describes Cy Young as the ultimate exemplar of pitching, and begins the episode’s connections, highlighting that California and Los Angeles, not long ago, were viewed by many as the exemplars of the American dream. Nick then proceeds to summarize his address last month to the Los Angeles County Lincoln Club – Downtown Chapter.

Explaining how the event came to fruition, Nick comments, “I remain fond of California and LA, and I’m deeply troubled about both, and I’m troubled about America and my hometown as well. So, I wanted to explain why to these leaders at the Lincoln Club out in Los Angeles.”

In recapping the presentation, Far Middle listeners will recognize many themes from recent episodes, such as the Left’s three-pronged attack on today’s domestic energy industry and their “convenient energy myths,” that together, result in energy scarcity, energy inflation, general inflation, and carry geopolitical consequences benefitting America’s adversaries.

During his talk, Nick reviewed topics from Precipice. He illustrates how, albeit sadly, California and Los Angeles both served as inspiration for his writing the book. After walking through his speech, Nick ends by noting one attendee’s question on how America can course correct. While America can indeed alter its course, he notes that like many once-great empires, America isn’t unbreakable.

“Yeah, there is still time to change the road we’re on, to paraphrase Robert Plant in Stairway to Heaven,” concludes Nick. “But we better move quick, or else this is not going to be a Stairway to Heaven. Instead, it’s going to be a Highway to Hell.”