Combinations and Connections

Episode 37 is dedicated to the great sport of boxing, with a special focus on the 1970s—the Golden Age of heavyweights. Nick pays tribute to the self-described greatest of all time Muhammad Ali (and his 37 career knockouts), before transitioning to one of the self-described medical profession greats, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Following this week’s “Fauci Focus,” Nick’s “Mask Mania” segment addresses the reporting by NPR over an alleged mask tiff between Supreme Court Justices Sotomayor and Gorsuch. Nick goes on to discuss the ramifications of “anti-carbon ideology” being championed by Pope Francis, the Federal Reserve and Chairman Powell, and the ideology’s impact on inflation and rising food costs. Nick concludes by addressing student loan debt, arguing the higher education system is broken and schools need to be held accountable.