Nick Deiuliis is a chemical engineer, attorney, and business executive. During a career spanning 30 years, he served as the CEO or Chairman of the Board of five public energy companies. During that time, Nick has been on the front lines of the war being waged by elites against the working men and women of Appalachia, the “doers” of the American economy, and the free-thinking individual.

Nick is a thought-provoking voice in the energy and manufacturing industries, advocating for technology, labor, environmental, and capital markets policy issues. He is a regular media contributor and speaks extensively on the virtues of the carbon economy, the nobility of the worker and middle class, and the vital importance of individual rights. Nick is a proud capitalist, free enterprise advocate, and lifelong Pittsburgher.

Our Mission

Our mission is to defend the ‘doers’ of society who create, enable, and serve free enterprise and to rebut those who seek to appropriate the value of others via excessive regulation, academic dishonesty, subsidy seeking, or political machination.
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