The Far Middle episode 114, released on July 26, 2023, arrives the day before—in 1957—the incomparable Yogi Berra would start his streak of 148 games without an error.

The connection serves a fitting opportunity to dedicate this Far Middle installment to the legendary Lawrence Peter Berra, baseball’s “best all-around catcher.” Nick reflects on Berra’s baseball career, military service, his mentorship to young players, and more. All told it was a crazy, remarkable life—an “exemplar in absolute excellence.”

From Berra, Nick makes a unique connection, the likes of which you’ll only find on The Far Middle, discussing the Unabomber—Ted Kaczynski—who died last month in prison. Nick examines Kaczynski’s Manifesto, now nearly 30 years later: “Kaczynski was quite the ecowarrior and radical environmentalist. Back then, those environmental views, along with all his other rantings, were viewed as crazy. But today, his views on science and tech and anti-progress and the environment, they’re basically mainstream.”

Moving on, Nick adds, “When the state controls decisions, and religions of the Left like environmentalism take root in policy, the crazy becomes the norm. And it’s not just with the Unabomber Manifesto. Consider the next connection of what’s going on with Iran and energy.”

Nick dissects America’s failing appeasement approach with Iran. Appeasement leads to weakness, leading to more geopolitical risk, which has been evidenced throughout history. Nick then offers three current examples where appeasement and weakness by the U.S. and Biden administration is going to lead to major problems for the planet.

These three examples include America’s response to the escalating tensions between China and Taiwan. “China is astute,” says Nick. “It watches this clueless administration, along with Western Europe, on the issues of Iran and Russia-Ukraine, and China begins to think, I can certainly take Taiwan right now. And what is the United States or the West going to do about it?”

Discussing America’s trending decline, its lack of leadership, and the Left’s presence everywhere today, Nick comments on the Roman Empire’s decline and fall—making the case that the Empire fell from within.

Crazy is this episode’s recurring theme, which allows the episode to land on a high note as Nick presents his Mount Rushmore of best songs/compositions with crazy in the name (along with a few honorable mentions).