Insights into the Energy Industry: A Conversation with Nick Deiuliis

In the conversation below (and available here on most podcast services) Nick joins Energy Crüe Podcast host JP Warren to discuss the state of America’s energy industry.

“Our industry is just a crucial one, not only to the economy, but society and life itself,” says Nick. “We do have to live in a world of science and math and physics—that’s always helpful because it puts a lot of the emotion or ideology off to the side and focuses in on on just what is truth.”

Their discussion, a follow-up to their October 2022 interview, also addresses improving the quality of life of individuals today, the geopolitical and economic consequences of bad energy policy, the upcoming third year of the CNX Mentorship Academy, and more.

From the show’s description:

This episode is a powerful conversation with the CEO of CNX Resources, Nick Deiuliis, a luminary in the energy industry. Guaranteed to offer insights into the world of energy; we dive into topics like energy policies, climate change, emissions, and the significance of advocacy. Listen as Nick expounds on his journey leading CNX Resources, how his company is shaping the Appalachia region, and the necessity to harmonize energy expectations and realities.

Brace yourselves for a comprehensive discussion on the actual state of the energy industry. A seasoned leader, Nick clarifies the ramifications of energy policy, the effect of social media advocacy, and the potential fallout if energy policy goes awry. We also examine the media’s representation of the climate crisis and its sway over policy making. If you’re curious about the real-world implications of energy policy decisions and the true state of our climate, you won’t want to miss this.

The spotlight then shifts to CNX Resources’ Mentorship Academy. We unravel the opportunities that the energy industry and climate change initiatives present, especially for the youth. Discover how this academy is playing a critical role in introducing underserved high school students to the energy industry and setting them on the path to successful careers. A captivating blend of industry knowledge and practical guidance, this conversation will mold the next generation of energy leaders. Don’t miss the knowledge shared, and be part of an enlightening discourse about the energy industry’s future.

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Insights into the Energy Industry: A Conversation with Nick Deiuliis

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