Simple Equations: From Football to the Economy

Episode 36 is dedicated to “The Bus.” Nick reflects on Jerome Bettis’ prowess on the football field. However, the most impressive force from number 36 is what he’s done off the field—supporting underprivileged youth and communities through the Bus Stops Here Foundation. Nick discusses Jerome’s understanding of the equation mass times acceleration, and connects it to another equation, MV=PY, as he examines the Federal Reserve and its attempts to curb inflation. “I fear that rates can’t be raised by the Federal Reserve even if they wanted to,” says Nick, highlighting the ramifications of higher interest rates on the federal debt. Next, Nick discusses the scary “whole of government” approach to “tackling climate change,” and the government restricting banks’ ability to lend to the fossil fuel industry. Additional topics in this episode include the 2020 election, geopolitics, and a reflection on Sidney Poitier.